Pole Dancing Party with a Portable Pole - FAQ

Does the portable pole attach to my ceiling?
I use a portable pole and it is completely removable. As long as the ceiling and floor are 100% flat I can work with most ceilings, my portable pole can go to a maximum of 3m. It is a friction fit between floor and ceiling.

Can men attend?
The focus here would be to empower Women, and I have found that they generally like to "play" with just other women present. Once men are around, ego steps in and the fun steps out. So we prefer that there are no men present.

How long is a pole dancing party?
The actual "pole dancing party" is approximately 2 hours long. This is long enough for everyone to have plenty of opportunity to work on the pole, to try out various moves and to end with their own special routine. If there is a small group a shorter pole dancing party can be arranged.

How much time for set-up?
I arrive around ½ hour before the party to set up the pole and will be around the same amount of time to take it down.


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