Looking for an idea for a bachelorette party / hens night?

This is a truly fun and unusual idea for a bachelorette party / hens night!

Most ladies feel comfortable in the privacy of their own homes, or that of one of their friends. Young and Old can participate, I believe a person knows their own strength and body.

We will need a relatively spacious room with a Standard or Cement ceiling.

I come to your house, set up the pole, we raise our glasses and make a toast to the bachelorette and especially to the pole dancer in every woman!

We start out with simple moves and work up to doing the fireman around the pole. And there are other more advanced moves for the daring!

It's all done in the name of fun, laughter, cheering and support come from the friends who are partaking or just watching. Some may be a shy to start, but I have found that it doesn't last long and most women love it!

At the end of the night, we turn down the lights, turn up the music and each lady gets to choose a song and put on her own show for her friends!

This is always the highlight of the evening as the women feel more confident, boosted self-esteem and they are basking in what a great time they have had and how much they have learnt and some even end up surprising themselves!

Everyone will be talking about this bachelorette party / hens night for ages to come!


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