How I started Pole Dancing

I was invited to a Bachelorette party in 2006, when I was told that we were going to be taught how to pole dance, the idea of it was completely daunting!

I was even reluctant to go, it took some convincing and I eventually decided to go to the party, but tried to be late deliberately so that I could miss the pole dancing!

At first, it felt as though I looked like the biggest fool under the sun, and everybody else seemed to be doing it so well, and then each time after my turn everyone applauded and said how good it looked and what a natural I was…

A Pole Dancing Natural? I don't know, but I was a gymnast in school so I guess that is what contributed towards the ability to easily do the moves…

By the end of the party, I had enjoyed myself so much that I bought myself a pole dancing business! And since then I have hosted many a pole party, and they are ALL a "pole lot of fun"!


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